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Golden Arrow Coaches has been in continuous service throughout Western Canada for over 30 years. We are a leading motor coach company in this area, with a modern fleet of about 40 coaches and complete maintenance facilities.

Being based in Edmonton provides us with opportunities to travel to many extraordinary destinations. With easy access to the Canadian Rockies, to British Columbia, to the Yukon and Alaska, and to the U.S Pacific Northwest, we are ideally located for many tour needs.

Golden Arrow welcomes the world to western Canada just about every day through any of a number of gateway airport facilities. We can pick up groups from anywhere in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Alaska for travel to locations throughout North America.

Our mountain national parks are a world class attraction with world class facilities to enjoy. Multi day adventures through the mountain parks to the west coast provide a favorite and memorable journey for the customers of our top tier tour company clients. There are many possible ways to make this journey, all of which encompass a variety of experiences – from nature and spectacular scenery to the cosmopolitan experiences of Calgary & Vancouver. From the remoteness of a quiet guest ranch in the interior of British Columbia, to the British atmosphere of Victoria, our guests can find it all.

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The possibilities are unlimited. Chartering a motor coach provides a safe and efficient way to travel.

The rest of this site provides some further information about Golden Arrow, and about the truly unique part of the world where we work.

Thank you for your visit, we look forward to hearing from you.